What types of cracks are there ?

Types ?

To begin with, a crack can appear on any car window, whether it is a side window, a rear window, the quarter window (triangular window), a windscreen or even the panoramic roof, which is often thought to be untouchable.

Impact crack

This is the most common crack. It is usually caused by a stone thrown by another vehicle or by a weather event such as hail.

This crack is characterised by a central impact with lines extending around this point to form a spider's web. 

Stress crack

Less well known but nevertheless very common during the change of season, this crack forms in the blink of an eye. It is usually the result of a small impact received beforehand. Due to the fluctuation of the temperature, turning on the air-conditioning or heating system at full blast produces a star-shaped crack..

Pressure crack

This crack is related to the stress crack. The only change is that its extent is much more impressive and exclusive to the windscreen. It is therefore also related to drastic temperature changes and extends over the entire windscreen. 

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