Will my insurance prime be affected ?

In general, no. In case of doubts, our team get in contact with your insurance to ensure this on your behalf.

How much will it cost ?

In principal, if your car has a partial or full Casco, the damaged windshield is covered by your insurance company. We take over of up to CHF 200 of franchise if necessary.

If your car is only insured with a civil responsibility coverage, the repair or replacement of the window must be paid by the individual. In this case, our team shall inform you of the costs upon demand.

How long does the repair of the windshield take?

The repair of a windshield takes up to 30 minutes on average. Your car is ready to drive as soon as the intervention is finished.

Will the original damages still be visible after the repair ?

The impact zone will still be visible after the damage has been repaired. A scar will always be noticeable. On the other hand, the quality of repair depends on the age and form of the original impact.

Is it possible that my car is not approved during a control by a car service if the windshield is damaged?

Yes indeed ! The windshield is an important part of your car, and the car service will ask you to repair or replace it if it is damaged.

The window must be in perfect condition in order to successfully pass a control test with a car service company.

Will it take a long time to replace my windshield ?

During the appointment procedure, the most important priority of our team is to ensure you have an appointment that suits you the most, in order to resolve the issue as promptly as possible.

We have put in place a system of provisioning windscreens for cars, that allow us to dispose at all times up to 98% of car windows circulating in the Swiss territory.

Is the quality of the window installed the same as the original one?

Yes ! We have a very particular service and care in what concerns our glass quality, including the tools and materials used. We only order from the suppliers who produce the same glass that has been mounted originally, for example Saint-Gobain or Pilkington.

Is the service guaranteed ?

Indeed it is ! All our technicians have numerous years of experience in the field of car and windshield services. For this reason, our work is guaranteed without time-limitations. If at any time you are unsatisfied with our service, do not hesitate to contact or email us on: 0800 811 422 or at info@swissautoglass.ch